Home remedy for hair loss

Hair loss is not a condition barred by age 14 or 50. It’s a common problem these days. You understand how your hair adds value to your personally.
Let us see some common causes for hair loss and home made remedies for hair loss.

Causes for hair loss
-lack of nutrition
-Weather changes
-Hormone imbalance
-medication like steroids
- Thyroid problems
- Scalp infections
- Pregnancy, childbirth, and birth control pill usage

Home remedies for hair loss (Coconut milk)
Both coconut milk and coconut oil has tissue nourishing sources. Grind and squeeze grated coconut to get its juice. Massage coconut milk on the scalp for few minutes. You have to do these 20 minutes earlier before shampooing.

Coconut milk is also a treatment for thinning hair. It is widely used in India and Sri Lanka.

More Health Benefits of Coconut milk.
-Improve immune system
-Promote healthy skin
-Aids building strong bones
- lowering high blood pressure:

Coconut milk for hair loss

More remedies.
Coconut oil massage for hair loss.

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